1. Love Cemetery Tapes
    Soda Lilies

  2. Destroy

  3. Weirdo Goes to the Disco

  4. Introduction to...

  5. It's Over
    Snow What

  6. Anemia

  7. Peculiar Smiles: 2010-2015
    The Only Ghost In Town

  8. Summer 2015 Mixtape

  9. Eternal Snow
    Shojo Winter

  10. Success Racist
    Graham Repulski

  11. Candy

  12. Days I've Lost b/w Clean Hell
    Shivering Window

  13. Hot Trash

  14. Winter Postcard
    Stars Are Insane

  15. Birth

  16. Refraction

  17. Collecting Loss
    Love Letter

  18. Other Half/Bright Encounter

  19. Let It Ride

  20. Memory/Monument
    Mormon Toasterhead

  21. Sedateness At the Movies
    Little Whirls

  22. Gentle Memories
    Love Letter

  23. Leisurely
    World's Fair

  24. Bloom

  25. Pop Industry
    Stars Are Insane

  26. It Brought Us Something We Had to Know
    Love Letter

  27. So Far So Good
    Snow What

  28. Dracula Coil
    Orange Aurora

  29. Winter Clothes
    The National Park Service

  30. split
    Stars Are Insane/Monogamy

  31. split
    Stars Are Insane/Morgue Toad

  32. White Blush
    White Blush

  33. Summer
    Mormon Toasterhead

  34. Untitled Spirals
    Abandoned Houses

  35. Belly of the Whale
    Swim Ignorant Fire

  36. Channels/Seacliff
    Imaginary Pants

  37. s/t EP
    Kind of Like Paris

  38. I Know Why They Call It Pop: Volume 2
    various artists

  39. Forget February
    Stars Are Insane

  40. If It Is
    Bare Pale

  41. A Gift and A Favor

  42. Simple Living (w/ bonus tracks)
    Dude Japan

  43. Will You Meet Me There?
    Dude Japan

  44. #1 Hero You Are the Best: 1998-2012- A Collection of the Rare & Unreleased
    Stars Are Insane

  45. split
    Eureka California/Good Grief

  46. Singles Club #11
    Vehicle Blues

  47. Singles Club #10
    Stars Are Insane

  48. Awkward Age
    Ron Beaudet

  49. Singles Club #9
    Shivering Window

  50. Singles Club #8
    Katrina Stonehart

  51. Romance Space

  52. Singles Club #7- Behind Closed Doors
    Kent State

  53. Singles Club #6
    Mike Naideau

  54. Singles Club #5
    Hanna Elson

  55. Singles Club #4-Empty Minutes
    Kevin Greenspon

  56. You Are Not Good Enough (For Me)
    Stars Are Insane

  57. Demo Tape
    Snow What

  58. Somersault
    Make It Plain

  59. Singles Club #3

  60. Singles Club #2
    The Only Ghost in Town

  61. Singles Club #1
    Outside the Museum

  62. Callous & Strange
    Giant Peach

  63. The Empty House
    Stars Are Insane

  64. Why Are We Doing This?
    Brick Mower

  65. Hidden East Coast EP
    The Only Ghost In Town

  66. Partial History
    Stars Are Insane

  67. The Things That Matter...
    Dude Japan

  68. Demo
    Deep Pockets

  69. A Plan...A Perfect Disaster
    Stars Are Insane

  70. In Excelsis
    Yes Sensei

  71. I Know Why They Call It Pop
    various artists

  72. Surfin' WA
    Sandy City

  73. Simple Living
    Dude Japan

  74. The Summer Was Over Before It Began
    The Only Ghost In Town

  75. split
    Dude Japan/Weed Hounds

  76. Boots
    Fellow Project

  77. Hope Inscribed on Handbills

  78. Teenage Summer EP
    Dude Japan

  79. s/t
    The Third Memory

  80. split
    Marshall Teller/Halftime Parade

  81. 3 Songs
    Yes Sensei

  82. Last City
    Loma Prieta

  83. s/t
    Yes Sensei

  84. split
    Damezumari/Fire Team Charlie

  85. Totally
    Olde Ghost

  86. Et De Cela Rien Ne Ressort
    The Third Memory

  87. Where You Are and Where You Want to Be
    On the Might of Princes

  88. The Making of a Conversation
    On the Might of Princes

  89. Divorce Songs
    United States

  90. s/t

  91. So. I Dreamed of Noise
    Stars Are Insane

  92. 9 Untitled Songs
    Stars Are Insane

  93. 100% Mad Indie Rock Flava
    Destructasaurus Rex

  94. Inner Working Mechanics of a Failed Construct with Puritan Cement
    Empty Silos Echo War

  95. s/t
    Imagine If The Sun Fell

  96. Semantics
    Empty Silos Echo War

  97. We Who Transplant Sustain
    Yes Sensei

  98. What I Do Best is What I Do Worst
    Yes Sensei

  99. s/t
    End I

  100. s/t

  101. split
    Nakatomi Plaza/Latterman

  102. We've Got a Time Machine
    Space Robot Scientists

  103. Gay
    Stars Are Insane

  104. Justin Age 8
    Stars Are Insane

  105. The Hope Machine
    various artists

  106. Anonymously Yours
    Stars Are Insane

  107. The Uh Oh EP

  108. The Mustard Tape
    Bo Coach

  109. Has No Credibility
    De La Hoya

  110. Gracias
    Stars Are Insane


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A Long Island, NY based DIY record label/mail order founded in 1998 interested in indie rock, indie pop, post punk, lo fi, folk, ambient, drone, post rock and screamo/hardcore. www.roklokrecords.com

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